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When dealing with the uncertainties and stress of a criminal charge you need experts who live and breathe criminal law, not a ‘jack-of-all-trades’.

McKenna Taylor lawyers have practised exclusively in criminal law and know all the issues you may face and subtleties and tricks needed. Before speaking with police, or if you are approached or contacted by police, it is essential that you call an experienced criminal defence lawyer immediately. Everything said to police can come back to seriously damage a case later at trial.

Criminal convictions, gaol and other sentences have devastating and long-lasting effects. It is crucial to have each charge carefully examined for any substantive or technical defences, no matter how strong the evidence may look. When pleading guilty, a properly prepared criminal defence lawyer knows exactly how to present the case to a Judge or Magistrate in order to achieve the most lenient sentence possible. This is vastly different from appearing at court unrepresented.

Drink and drug driving charges, even with low readings, can cause serious problems for work and your lifestyle. Licence disqualification periods range from 3-6 months for lower readings to as long as 5 years for higher readings. Negligent, dangerous and culpable driving offences which cause death or grievous bodily harm are incredibly serious and all carry potential gaol time. Read More

Without the best representation, murder and manslaughter charges carry a risk of decades or life in prison. A number of defences to violent charges may arise including self-defence, mental impairment and issues of causation. Even common assaults or affrays carrying lower penalties are regarded by courts as serious offences. These charges rarely result in no-conviction orders without carefully prepared sentence submissions. Read More

Criminal convictions for drug possession or drug trafficking can have disastrous long-term consequences well beyond court-imposed penalties if not appropriately handled. Even minor matters can do serious damage to employment prospects or in obtaining security clearances or visas. A number of technical defences may arise in drug matters including issues in proving exclusive control or ownership, or faults in the chain of custody or in the drug analysis procedure. Read More

An allegation of sexual assault can happen to anyone, usually when least expected. Matters can escalate quickly as, more often than not, the only evidence required to bring a charge is from the complainant’s interview with police. It is important to speak with an experienced criminal defence lawyer before participating in an interview with police. A defendant’s response to the allegations is best left for the trial and in certain cases may not be required at all. No matter how weak the prosecution case may seem, the charges are rarely withdrawn and are most commonly left to the jury to decide at trial. Read More

Fraud offences are notoriously complex and difficult to prove. Each offence may contain several crucial elements including dishonesty, financial gain, an intention to permanently deprive and deception. If an experienced criminal lawyer finds only one element that cannot be proven, the entire prosecution case will fall apart. Criminal convictions for theft and fraud fall into the category of ‘dishonesty offences’, which are the most detrimental to government or private job applications. Read More

McKenna Taylor's lawyers have years of experience in applying for, or fighting, Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) and other protection orders. These matters can bring heightened emotions and require a nuanced and balanced approach and sensitivity to the situation. Cases do arise where an order is sought for ulterior motives. These cases should be aggressively defended in court. Read More

Criminal appeals against convictions or the severity of a sentence can be highly complex and technical. McKenna Taylor will bring their experience and connections to specialist appellate barristers to give you the best possible prospects of succeeding at appeal in any jurisdiction. Read More

Coronial inquests following the death of a loved one can be a long and challenging process. If you have a sufficient interest in the subject matter of the coronial inquiry, you may be entitled to legal representation at the hearing. Whether looking for answers, real responsibility for a death, or dealing with broader reputational issues, McKenna Taylor will guide you through the process and give you a chance to be heard.

The McKenna Taylor Women’s Pro-Bono Parole Program provides free legal advice and representation to all female detainees inside the Alexander Maconochie Centre in relation to their parole applications. If you or someone you know would like to apply for legal representation in relation to a parole application, simply contact our office and let us know that you would like representation. Read More